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Kinda makes you think...

Posted by qachatu on 2005.11.26 at 23:14
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Jacked from Julie at HL...

It caught my eye that Dr. Masaru Emoto had been invited to the U.N.
on May 26, 2005 to do a seminar. Masaru Emoto is an internationally
renowned researcher who gained worldwide acclaim by showing how
water is deeply connected to our individual and collective
consciousness. His message is simple, profound, and far-reaching.

Dr. Emoto was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in
the U.S. and Magnetic Resonance Technology. He undertook extensive
research of water around the planet, not so much as a scientific
researcher but more from the perspective of an original thinker. At
length he realized that it was in the frozen crystal form that
showed us its true nature.

In a series of experiments he shows us that the water crystal's
structure can be altered by the thought vibrations aimed at it. In
other words, the observer will have a personal vibrational effect on
the crystal. A crystal that has been blessed will reveal itself
with lovely symmetry, whereas a crystal that has had hateful
thoughts aimed at it will show a marked loss of symmetry and
beauty. Since our bodies are composed of 70-80% water, this seems
highly significant when viewed from a health standpoint.

Dr. Emoto suggests to us, with photographs to illustrate, that the
power of prayer does work. The thoughts aimed at the water affected
the water and changed its structure, making it more beautiful. Some
of his photographs were used in the movie, "What the Bleep Do We

Anyway, back to the seminar . . .
The theme of the seminar was: How Can The Spiritual Dimensions Of
Science And Consciousness Help The United Nations And Humanity
Achieve Better Standards Of Life In Larger Freedom?

The seminar began with a Tibetan bell. People meditated quietly and
then a flute was played.

Then Ida Urso spoke about how and why the seminar was planned. She
quoted Albert Einstein saying that a problem can't be solved in the
same state of consciousness that created it. (wow, I LOVE that
quote!) This means that we should heighten our consciousness and
solve our problems in a spiritual dimension.

Then Dr. Emoto spoke about the subject with much passion. He showed
some of his photographs, and also a film `The Messages of Water',
which shows water crystals growing in motion. Dr. Emoto also says
that music is vibration itself, and has a great power to heal.

Dr. Emoto's book is called "The Secret Life of Water" (he has
written others on this subject also). "The Secret Life of Water"
talks extensively about water's ability to show us the answers—how
to live happily, the meaning of loving nature, and the direction we
should take. Water can act as a mirror, and the quality of water is
a reflection of our hearts. Mr. Emoto stresses that the current
water situation is serious. The first step toward protecting the
earth and water is to focus on our prayers.

The seminar was very successful and Dr. Emoto received a standing

Anyway, I thought a few people might be interested in this. To me,
it seems to offer some amount of evidence in the ideas
that "thoughts are thing", "our thoughts have power over the health
of our own bodies" and that "positive thinking raises our
vibrational level whereas negative thinking lowers it". These are
all ideas that I believe in very strongly.

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